Why TT Medical


  • Custom build your schedule

  • Specify your areas

  • Hand pick each job


  • Work around your kids’ schedules

  • Go to school day or night

  • Supplement a current job


  • Work as few as 2 days a week or as many as 7 days a week

  • Start and end at any time

  • Unlimited days off and vacation 

We Treat Staff Like Customers

It took a really long time to figure out our approach to these issues which ultimately defined our company.

We decided on 3 core principles. 

  1. We would take care of the details

  2. We would automate via technology

  3. We would shield from distraction

The results? Well, here's what some current field staff members have to say:

We spent months planning out a business structure at a coffee shop in Hollywood that would respect the idea that staff comes first. We knew clinicians had options and we were determined to be the best one. Obviously there were challenges:

First, how do you differentiate your company in an industry meant to be standard?

Home health and hospice agencies are so regulated that staffing services, by default, can't vary. Further, staffing companies have to adhere to the customers' policies. Between home health agency policies and regulations from Medicare, each state's health department, and accrediting bodies like the Joint Commission, ACHC and CHAP, each visit and subsequent visit notes allow for such minimal variance that differentiation is nearly impossible. 

Second, how do you ensure a smooth running company while respecting people's dignity?

Home health, home care and most hospice agencies provide patients with in home clinical care. Since the actual services are provided in the patients' homes and not in our office, quality control was a major issue. How can you possibly ensure that patient's ultimately receive a higher standard of healthcare when you never see or speak to the patients? How do you deal with customer complaints when ultimately every situation is a "he said/she said"?

Third, what can you possibly offer to people working outside of your office?

*We changed our name from Therapeutic Touch to TT Medical in June, 2017 to better tell our story*

Because all clinical work is performed outside of our office, the third challenge we faced was how to provide assistance, culture and community to our field staff members. How do you monitor someone's level of well being or pinpoint when they need help?

Tools To Maximize Your Time and Money

Clinicians give their all to help people get better. At TT Medical we give our all to help you do the best job you can do.


Documentation Assistant


Electronic Route Sheets


Professional Concierge