Say C-U to Your CEU Requirements

Let's be honest. No one likes having to do continuing education for license requirements. But as a responsible clinician (who likes having a license) it's just an annoying, time consuming fact of life.

Well guess what, Super Clinician! TT Medical offers CE classes ONLINE, with immediate certificate print, for a low annual membership!

These fast, effective (and accredited) classes can be done from any device, and will get you back on your way to the stuff that brings in that $$$.

And if you're a Super Duper Clinician, well there are tons of classes so you can keep your skills as calibrated as your Glucometer machine!

So let's get this detail out of the way guys...from home or the beach (lol who wants to do that from the beach???)!

Did we mention that it's really cheap? Click on the button that applies to you and see just how cheap it is for a 1 year membership!


Let's FAQ!

1. What is a CEU? CEU's (continuing education units) are courses licensed professionals need to take to keep their licenses current, active and valid. 1 CEU means 10 hours of participation in a course.

2. How many CEU's do I need? Medical professionals, such as nurses and therapists, need to fulfill a specific number of hours of continuing education credits within a specified amount of time. The details vary by state and license type but, like the DMV or dentist, you just gotta get em out of the way. 

3. How often do I need to take Continuing Education Courses? Medical professionals usually need to renew their CEU's before each license renewal, but this may vary according to your state. Having an annual membership with TT Medical's CE program means you get the flexibility to complete your continuing education courses whenever you want, wherever you want.

4. How much do your courses cost? For a small fee you get access to unlimited classes for one year. Prices vary by license type so click on the buttons above to see how much your annual membership will cost. 

5. Are TT Medical CEU's accredited? Yes!

6. What license types are supported? We currently provide CE courses for:

  • RN - Registered Nurses

  • LVN/LPN - Licensed Vocational Nurses/License Practical Nurses

  • PT - Physical Therapists

  • PTA - Physical Therapy Assistants

  • OT - Occupational Therapists