If love can't cure it, nurses can

Skilled Nurses provide vital healthcare services to patients in their homes. Multiple studies have indicated medical treatment being safer and more effective when care is appropriate in the home setting. This is due to lower risks of infection and a better attitude when at home than in the hospital. Common services provided by nurses in the home are medication management, teachings about disease process, wound care, foley catheter care, IV therapy and more. Don't turn away patients because you can't staff a nurse. TT Medical has your back. Staff registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses with TT Medical.   

Safety doesn't happen by accident

Medical Social Workers serve an important function in home health and hospice care. In both settings, MSW's evaluate for unsafe conditions and patient neglect and/or abuse. MSW's are also responsible for working with patients, their families and caregivers, and community support services to coordinate important resources that create a prolonged ability for the patient to remain in their home. Further, Social Workers assist patients with difficult adjustments and complex family dynamics such as the loss of a loved one, acceptance of a new disease or condition, financial issues and social problems. Medical Social Workers are an important part of home health and hospice services, and are a natural addition to TT Medical's staffing roster. 



Hygiene is two thirds of health

Certified Home Health Aides help patients with personal hygiene, perform light housekeeping and light cooking, helping home health patients who are no longer able to care for themselves maintain their independence, dignity and self-confidence. Home Health Aides serve critical roles in the care of home health and hospice patients. Staffing home health aides from TT Medical guarantees your agency a professional, friendly CHHA who will create a positive impression of your company. CHHA's are available for immediate staffing at TT Medical today.

The best view comes after the hardest climb

Physical Therapists evaluate a patient's range of motion, strength, balance, posture, flexibility and much more in order to create, follow and manage treatment plans. Long term goals are set to rehabilitate patients after injuries and disease onset. Pain management is also a primary aspect of Physical Therapy. Treatments include patient-specific home exercise programs, often involving members of the patient's family, and other caregivers participating in the patient's healthcare management. TT Medical Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are highly trained professionals, ready to treat patients for your company. 



Teach a man to fish

Occupational Therapists work with patients to help them regain independence in daily life after an injury or health decline. Usually, working with patients, family and caregivers, Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants establish mutually defined goals based on a patient's cognitive, functional and environmental abilities and limitations, to help the patient maximize their ability for self-care. Focusing on movements in relation to specific activities like brushing hair, reaching for something on a shelf and dressing, occupational therapy establishes autonomy as well as self-confidence. OT's and COTA's perform best in the home environment and are ready for immediate home health and hospice care staffing.

A little progress each day adds up

Speech Language Pathologists work with patients whose ability to speak and/or swallow has been impaired or lost all together. Speech Therapists often treat patients rehabilitating from stroke or brain injuries, and patients whose MS, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's, Alzheimer's or dementia have lead to a decline in speech and/or swallowing. Treatment for speech-related diagnoses can include emphasis on voice improvement, cognitive retraining, language therapy, articulation and alternative methods of communication such as computer assisted tools. Speech Therapy performed in the home setting often involves the people who live with and take care of the patient. TT Medical has a team of experienced ST's waiting to treat your home health care and hospice patients today.


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