Performance Summary

At TT Medical, we strive to provide Home Health Agencies, Hospice Agencies and Hospitals with the best services possible. Just like our customers, we do this by constantly analyzing our performance and planning improvement exercises.

Below are the details of our internal process analysis and the results of our most recent customer satisfaction survey.


Percentage of total accepted vs total rejected patients for staffing in the previous quarter by discipline


The staffing department processes hundreds of staffing requests a month. Advanced technology allows for TT staffers to quickly and effectively pin point the perfect clinician to a patient in need. Field staff are filtered by customer-specified criteria such as discipline, location, gender, language and specialties to provide tailored treatment with maximum results.


Documentation Submission

Average number of days it took our customers to receive their documents

Visits and Documents

Documentation is the cornerstone of any healthcare company. As the old saying goes, "If it wasn't documented, it wasn't done." At TT, we place great emphasis on training clinicians on best practices in documenting their treatments. Further, we work hard to ensure that we meet or exceed each industry's submission guidelines. Getting notes in and out on time is our number one priority.


Quality Patient Care

Percentage of customers who say TT clinicians provide quality patient care

Clinician Performance

Clinical staff are the heart and soul of TT Medical. We pride ourselves in employing the best therapists, nurses, aides and social workers. Constant education ensures that our customers, and most importantly their patients, are happy with the services provided. We ensure that our clinical staff members understand documentation guidelines, survey protocol and emergency preparedness responses. Further, our annual meeting in November prepares all our staff on the changes coming to the home health and hospice industry in the following year.